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Day Tank Specifications
Tank model:
Tank Capacity    gallons
Rupture Basin?   Yes No (not required with secondary containment)
Rupture Basin Alarm?   Yes No
Rupture Basin Alarm Remote Contacts?   Yes No
Weatherproof Tank?   Yes No
Weatherproofed tanks include covered rupture basin.
DT-Series tanks also include a weatherproof cover.
DT/ET only - Supply pump and motor:
All motors listed above are 1 phase, 60 Hz, 115 - 120 VAC. E&CA offers an extensive selection of motors in addition to those listed. If you would like a different motor, provide an option number or description and indicate if you would like a 2 GPM, 4 GPM, 7 GPM, 10 GPM, or 20 GPM pump. Type description in text area below.
Options for DT Series Only
Solenoid valves for supply line?   Yes No
Duplex pumping system?   Yes No (Two supply pumps/motors.)
Reverse Pump Assembly?   Yes No
DT Series only. Seperate pump and motor assembly returns fuel to aboveground main tank when day tank is overfilled.
High Level Alarm?   Yes No
Low Level Alarm?   Yes No
Critical Low Level Alarm?   Yes No
Engine shutdown signal. Prevents loss of engine fuel prime. Operates from engine battery
Critical High Level Alarm?   Yes No
Stops the transfer pump and motor and de-energizes solenoid valve included in option. 12V DC 24V DC
Other accessories:
Please provide an option number or description of any other tank accessories. Type description in text area below.
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