Automated Day Tanks Systems and Automated Generator Base Tank Systems
Company Information
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Contact Name:
Job Reference:
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Sub Base Specifications
Gen-set manufacturer/model number:   
Gen-set footprint:    "L x "W
Engine Weight:    lbs.
Number of mounting holes:   
Vibration isolation pads?    Yes   No
Electrical stub up? Yes   No
    If yes, Length:  
    If yes, Removable end channel?   Yes   No
Is tank double wall?   Yes   No
    If yes, Type?   Open Top   Closed Top   Secondary Containment

Tank Options
Do you want the Vent/Fill/Alarm package? Yes   No
Vent/Fill/Alarm package includes normal vent cap, emergency vent cap (two for secondary containment), manual fill cap, low level float switch and leak detect switch for double wall tanks.
If no, check any individual items included in the package that you want to order:   
       1 1/4" NPT mushroom style normal vent cap (required per NFPA 30)
       Pressure relief vent cap (required per NFPA 30)
       Manual lockable fill cap
       Rupture basin float switch
       Low level float switch 
High level float switch?   Yes   No
Specify color other than E&CA Gray:   
There may be an additional charge if color is other than grey and is not a standard gen-set manufacturer color
Any other information:
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